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Thank you for visiting our website. I am running for the U.S. House of Representatives District 11. I want to restore a limited government and spread the message of liberty. I do not think the government belongs in our personal lives or our businesses. It should focus on protecting our borders and hold anyone accountable who harms the life, liberty, or property of an individual. I believe in the free market and in freedom itself. I do not think the government deserves the fruits of our labor without our consent.

I know without a doubt that all life is precious including the unborn. My wife and I lost a child due to a stillbirth at 22 weeks pregnant. Our daughter, Dylan, had a heartbeat up to moments before she was born. Democrats would have you believe that our daughter was a parasite living on a host. They have actually argued that point. They are obsessed with it being legal to kill unborn children. I will fight against that evil ideology until my last dying breath.

I believe we should pursue passing and ratifying a constitutional amendment that sets congressional term limits, forces a balanced budget every year, requires all future bills to be single subject only, and enforces all states to recognize and follow the Bill of Rights in its full capacity.

I am a 2nd Amendment supporter to the fullest extent. The 2nd Amendment is a restriction on government, not a restriction on me. I will give up my guns when the government gives up theirs. I do not support red flag laws. Red flags laws are a backdoor to gun confiscation. Any time you give the government an inch, they will take a mile. We must hold on to our liberty dearly because there are those among us who want to strip it away. I will not give them an inch! "I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty, than those attending too small a degree of it." - Thomas Jefferson

This race is going to be a David vs Goliath battle for the Republican primary. I need all the help and support I can get. We are going up against candidates who have special interest groups with big money supporting them. It is time that we stop letting those types of people into our leadership and we have the ability to do that with our votes. More of the same will not restore a limited government. I believe the most valuable resource we have to beat special interest candidates is our ability to share our message with others. If you see something I post on social media, please share it. We can make our voices heard. If you are able, please donate to our campaign. Feel free to call me at 325-792-8448 or message me anytime if you have any questions.

Bio -
I am 39 years old and married to my wonderful wife Sara. We have three boys. Van is 14, Madden is 12, and Kingston is 8. I served in the U.S. Air Force from Nov 13, 2001 to April 13, 2008. I worked on Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles for three years and then I took a special duty as a Military Training Leader. As a civilian, I am a small business owner and also help with the family business that I grew up in.

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