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Vote WES VIRDELL for Congress!

About Wes -

Wes Virdell has devoted his life in service to others. As an Air Force veteran, small business owner, husband, and father, Wes strives to put others before himself every single day. As your District 11 US Congressman, Wes will work tirelessly to represent your Central and West Texas values. He will stand tall in Washington, DC, as a voice of reason who embodies what it truly means to be of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Wes was born and raised in the heart of Texas. He grew up working in his family’s diesel repair business in Brady, TX, where he learned what hard work looked like and what it meant to help others. He later answered the call to serve his country. Wes served in the US Air Force working on Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles and as a Military Training Leader. After being honorably discharged from the Air Force, Wes returned home to work as a diesel mechanic alongside his family while also becoming the owner of a small trucking company. In 2002, Wes married his beautiful wife, Sara, who is also native to Brady and is a talented photographer. Together they have three boys, Van - 14, Madden - 12, and Kingston - 8. They also had a daughter, Dylan, who watches over the family from heaven. After Wes and Sara lost Dylan at 22 weeks pregnant in 2009, a water well was built in Uganda in 2011 in her honor by the John 4:14 Foundation. The Virdell family are active members of their community and their church. Wes is proud to be a Texan and he is proud to continue serving his life for Texans.

On the issues -

Abortion -

Wes does not support any form of abortion. A child does not deserve to be punished for the choices of the father or mother. All lives are important and should be treated as such. 

2nd Amendment -

Wes is 100% against any form of gun control. The 2nd Amendment is a restriction on the federal government and not a restriction on the citizen. We need to make sure we do not elect/re-elect any person that does not understand this. If you give the government one inch, they will take a mile.

Healthcare - 

Wes wants to see the federal government removed from our healthcare. Obamacare, also known as the unaffordable care act, is financially unaffordable for working class citizens. The federal government's involvement before Obamacare made medical expenses high and Obamacare multiplied the problem. Wes knows that the federal government has no constitutional authority to interject itself into healthcare. Healthcare should be between a citizen and a provider. Anytime the government tries to manipulate the market with good intentions, that make it worse. 

Border Control -

Wes knows we need to fund the construction of a strong border wall. Wes wants to see the catch and release program terminated. Any person that crosses the border illegally should be charged with criminal trespassing and immediately deported. If a person proves they cannot follow our most basic laws, they should lose the right to apply for citizenship.

Less Government -

Wes believes we are supposed to have a limited federal republican form of government. We are not supposed to have a nationalist government that infringes on the rights of states to govern themselves. Wes wants to see the federal government operate within the boundaries set by the Constitution. 

Taxation -

Wes believes we are over taxed and immorally taxed. He wants to see the 16thAmendment (income tax) repealed and Jeffersonian taxation principles restored. Our government has abused its authority to tax the citizens and it needs to be held accountable.

Military –

Wes knows we are not supposed to be the world police. If our government really cares about our troops, we would quit sending them to endless wars with no stated goal. Wes knows that all empires have fallen when they stretched themselves too thin across the world. We must have a strong military and we must make sure that we are utilizing our troops in the best way possible for the sake of our country.

Proper Representation –

Wes wants to make sure we have proper Republican representation for District 11. He does not want to see another moderate Republican Congressman vote away our liberties and money. Wes will represent one of the most conservative districts in the country with real conservative values.


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